Sunday, 19 May 2013

Book: The Little Black Book of Tea by Mike Heneberry

Its not often that I read non-fiction books but I read this one all about tea. It may seem like a slightly strange subject to want to read about, but I love tea and wanted to know more about it. I found it a really interesting,  and I finally discovered what the difference between black, green and white tea which I wasn't clear on before. I also found it really easy to read, one of the reasons that I don't read non-fiction books very often is that I sometimes found them heavy going. This one was clear, well laid out and very readable.

One thing I didn't particularly liked was the strange pictures that popped up in places for no apparent reason, they looked a little bit like clip art and not what I would  have expected from a book like that.

There was clear information about useful things like steeping time for different teas, and it told you how to understand the grading levels of tea (which is again something I had no clue about before), it also gave you a range of recipes, not just of things made with tea, but also of things to have with tea, and it amused me to see that one of the recipes was a substitute for clotted cream, which apparently can't be found in America, Americans being quite clearly the target audience for this book. Personally I would have preferred it if it wasn't aimed at a particular nationality, but ultimately it didn't really make much of a difference.

This is a light, quick read, with interesting information and clear descriptions, sections and recipes!