Monday, 27 May 2013

Book: Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee

Lila is a con-artist, and she's in love with her partner in crime, Nick. She agrees to do one last hustle, not taking into account that the mark, Tucker, might be more than he seems, and not taking into account what she might feel. Tucker isn't like the normal marks, he's young, attractive (and a good kisser), and Lila finds herself struggling to keep all eyes on the job.

Warning: This book contains scenes of a sexual nature (just in case you're bothered by that kind of thing). Though I would also like to point out that they weren't out of place, it was just part of the story, it wasn't sex for sex's sake (unlike some books that I could mention), which made it so that this book didn't feel pornographic!

I first came across this book on the Goodreads 'First Read' giveaways page and liked the book summary so much that though I didn't win, I downloaded and read it anyway. I am really glad I did! This isn't the kind of book that i normally read, there isn't really any action in the typical sense of the action, but the suspense and the intrigue made up for that!

I guess you could say that this book was a kind of coming of age tale, the main character, Lila, is 20 and at college, and its a story about how she grows and tries to become a better person, with some romance thrown in of course! It is the classic love triangle, old friend who she thinks she's in love with (Nick), and the new exciting guy that treats her like a princess (Tucker) and the struggle of who she should choose. I must admit that I started out very much supporting the Lila-Nick relationship but somewhere around the middle I think I changed my mind, probably something to do with being inside Lila's head.

I found Lila really easy to identify with, not that I have ever been a con-artist, but as the blurb says what girl hasn't batted her eyelashes and worn a low cut top to get something from a guy, but she's 20, at college and clueless about what she wants from guys...literally that is every 20 year old girl! So despite the unusual job choice, she is an ordinary (well and very beautiful) girl, easy to relate to, easy to read!

As I said before, not my kind of book on the surface, but I will be looking at Lee's other books soon!