Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Book: Captured by Erica Stevens

Book 1 of the Captive Series

Aria is the daughter of the rebel leader, but she's been captured by the ruling Vampires to be used as a blood slave. Sold at auction she becomes the property of the heir to the Vampire throne, she is resigned to her fate which she thinks is worse than death, solely sustained by the slim chance that her brother's friend, Max, who was captured with her, could save them both as promised. Little does she realise that there is more to Prince Braith than she thought, and that she would start to feel things she hadn't felt before.

First thing, Arianna (Aria's full name) is one of my favourite names, making her instantly likeable to me! Throughout the book you can see that she is feisty and independent, she doesn't like leaning on anyone, which I like about her! Her views on Braith change gradually, though she is instantly attracted to him, but because to start with it is more of a physical attraction, it makes the growing feelings more realistic.

Onto Braith, I kept forgetting that he was a Vampire (probably because Aria seemed to too half the time!), in fact none of the Vampires acted noticeably vampireish unless they were talking about their age or did something like snap a stake in half (both of which happened very infrequently). This did mean that in my head they just seemed like brutish humans, the kind of people that you tend to get at the top of a defunct system.

I wasn't too sure how I felt about the magical elements of the story, the blood leash thing, I didn't understand how it acted differently for different people, and would have liked more of an explanation. Also Braith's sight (and that is all I will say about that), I didn't quite understand how what was going on was going on. The tracking ability of vampire blood I can fully accept, they're vampires, because they're not real I can accept them doing pretty much anything so long as they're not shapeshifting or doing something ridiculously unvampire-like, knitting for example.

I guess that you could place this book into the dystopia category that I like to read, though I do tend to avoid books with vampires in them normally, not too sure why, probably a combination of not wanting to come across too main stream, feeling that the human-vampire romance thing is overdone, and that I like to feel like books like this could happen, it adds to the creepiness. I did enjoy this book though, and I will be reading the sequels (hopefully soon), and it has encouraged me to look into more paranormal books, though vetoed carefully by plot!

I mentioned above that I felt that the human-vampire romance thing was overdone, though this is most definitely the case, I didn't feel that Aria and Braith's romance feel into this category, as mentioned above I had trouble picturing the vampires as vampires at some points, this wasn't a problem, they were just long-lived kind of sadistic, really pale humans in my head (not sure where I got the pale from). But this did mean that I didn't feel that the romance was clich├ęd, it just fit with the story. Though I do see a potential love triangle coming into effect in the next book!