Friday, 31 May 2013

Book: Aurelia by Anne Osterlund

Book 1 of the Aurelia Series

Aurelia is the Crown Princess of the land of Tyralt. She lives in the palace with her father, step-mother and step-sister, Melony. But there have been assassination attempts on her life and her old friend Robert, who was schooled alongside her and who is the son of the retired palace spy master, returns to the palace in order to discover who is behind the assassination attempts. At first Aurelia is completely in the dark about both the assassination attempts and the reason behind Robert's return, over the course of the book these both become plainer to her...

First I need to get the mini rant out of the way, I enjoyed this book, BUT and it is a big but, I found that my enjoyment of it would have been much greater if there hadn't been a strange lack of capital letters. At first I thought this might be some strange, and unexplained, way of differentiating between high-born and low-born characters, but after reading for a bit it became more obvious that there was no pattern to it, most of the time when a name was written it was without a capital letter. The lack of capital letters also stretched to the starts of sentences and new paragraphs, all of which I found quite distracting from my enjoyment of the book, as well as detracting from the flow of prose.

Saying that, I did enjoy the book, which I would say is a mystery, and was pleased to realise that my guess at who was behind the assassination attempt was correct (another fist pumping moment I'm afraid), especially as I didn't feel that it was particularly obvious, in fact my idea was just a hunch! However the 'main' accomplice was a surprise to me, I did not see that one coming.

The romance seemed to be a case of childhood sweethearts, or at least a pair of childhood crushes that they didn't grow out of! I thought that the relationship between Robert and Aurelia was really sweet, they recognised each others faults and liked each other despite of that.

The ending was not what I expected. I will admit that I was expecting the fairy-tale guy-gets-the-girl (or more realistically for this book girl-gets-the-guy) ending, and it wasn't that really! But that just makes me excited for the sequel, Exile, which I will be reading (and hoping that it contains more capital letters than |Aurelia!)