Thursday, 23 May 2013

Book: Annoying the French Encore! by Stephen Clarke

This is a mini-ebook which is an update for Stephen Clarke's book 1000 years of annoying the French (which I have also read).

Clarke has an incredibly witty way of writing about facts, which is kind of similar to his fiction writing skills in his book A Year in the Merde (and subsequent sequels which I am yet to read, but probably should). He also wrote a book on Paris that I have read.

His style makes something that could be incredibly dull very interesting, and though 1000 years focuses on history, mainly warfare and political, as well as little annoying things like where the baguette actually came from, Annoying the French Encore focuses more on the political side of things, and this is far more recent. I must admit that I was chuckling out loud at some points! It helps if you have a basic grasp of French history and political systems (I knew the France and the Fifth Republic, and France since the Revolution modules at Uni would be useful for something!) but it isn't necessary, Clarke has a clear and interesting way of explaining things!

One of the bits that made me laugh the most was the way that he described David Cameron walking out of an EU summit because of what Sarkozy said, made even funnier to me because it was about the same subject as my placement essay is (French Financial Transaction Tax!)

This ebook also goes into things such as the French jealousy of our Royal Family (true, I saw the French papers when the world discovered Kate was pregnant, important news was most definitely relegated!), French political scandals (and how the French just blow them over), who the French blame for the financial crisis (everyone but themselves), and the rumours of the merger of the English and French navies (to avoid 'bumps').

If you have never read a book by Stephen Clarke and you are interested in France and French culture (or you want a laugh) then what are you waiting for???? Get to a book shop or amazon and order now!