Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Book: Fifty Shades of Lady Catherine Grey; The Sex Scandals that Shook the Tudor Court by T.S. Wiseman

First thing to point out, this is not fiction, this is about real, proved sex scandals and the facts, with a certain amount of speculation.

I don't normally read non-fiction like this but thought I'd give it a go, and I'm glad I did, it was really interesting and amazing how much is actually known about some of them! If you're interested in Tudor England then this is definatley a book to read.

It covers the following scandals, in short, easy to read chapters:

  • The royal virgin and the admiral (the supposed affair between the future Elizabeth I and the Seymour husband of her step-mother, Catherine Parr)
  • To crown a nymphomaniac (Katherine Howard and Thomas Culpepper...oh wait...and Francis Dereham and Henry Mannox) 
  • How to misplace a marriage (the secret - and now unproved - marriage of Catherine Grey, the heir apparent, and Edward Seymour that resulted in 2 children)
  • About the throne the thunder rolls (the, probably untrue, scandal that brought about the downfall of Anne Boleyn)
  • The roses' defiance of the King (the marriage of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and Princess Mary, without the permission of the King, in Paris, in secret)
  • The most beautiful couple in Europe (the relationship between Henry VIII and Bessie Blount) 
As mentioned, I found the book interesting and informative, well worth a read if this is an area which you have an interest in.