Saturday, 12 January 2013

TV: Game of Thrones: Seasons 1 & 2

Warning, there will be spoilers.

To say I'm a big fan of the books would be a slight understatement, and so I will admit to being pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of Season 1, the only real complaints I have of Season 1 are to do with how characters and places looked, and how things are pronounced, both of which are subject to individual minds anyway.

Season 2 however...where to even start on these, I can understand the lack of massive battle for Blackwater Bay, it just wouldn't be possible, but the changes I was bothered by, mainly cause they would have made very little difference cost wise or ability to film are as follows:

  • Arya's travels up the King's Road/changing of hands
  • Bolton not taking Harrenhal (and Arya) 
  • Arya and Tywin's relationship (serious WTF that one) 
  • Lady Talisa...would Jeyne Westerling have been *that* difficult 
  • Davos' lack of sons (not sure why this bothers me so much) 
  • Jon killing the Halfhand in the wrong situation 
  • The lack of Chataya and Alayaya (I liked them!) 
  • Characters not being on horseback when they are said to be
  • Lack of Reeds (I know they'll be in Season 3 but still)
  • Lack of Ramsay (he's important to the story) 
  • WHERE THE HELL DID GHOST GO (this one really bothers me) 
  • Dany's khalesar being so small 
  • Irri dying 
  • Doreah not dying but betraying Dany 
  • Lack of proper House of the Undying 
  • King of Qarth
  • Xaro being straight (how difficult would it have been to make him gay as in the books really?) 
  • The white walkers looked wrong. 
  • Asha's rename to Yara (its not that confusing!) 
  • No Riverrun/Edmure/Blackfish/Hoster 
  • Catelyn setting Jaime free before hearing about Bran and Rickon