Saturday, 4 February 2012

Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

So I basically decided that I was going to read The Hunger Games because I've seen a lot of advertising and posts about it (particularly on tumblr) so I decided to read it even though it is a teenage book rather than an adult book. Well it arrived yesterday and I finished it yesterday. I was debating whether or not to read the sequel Catching Fire but then I realised that if a book has managed to capture my attention so much that I read it in under 12 hours then I should read the sequel.

So what Collins did well: she managed to right a long ish, captivating book centred around very few characters and make it interesting, add to that that you barely see many of the characters, it is in short ingenious, and having the readers see things from the point of view of Katniss is again a good move! That way we never know more than she does and the focus is on the awful thing that is happening to her.

Saying that the subject matter, well it's a little disturbing to be honest, children killing each other for entertainment? It seems cruel, though this is where it becomes clear that the book is aimed at younger people cause it isn't really that graphic in its descriptions of death.

The one thing that infuriated me actually further demonstrates Collins' talent as it was the fact that Katniss herself doesn't realise that she loves Peeta really and it wasn't just an act, it frustrated me to no end, however more credit goes to Collins as she just didn't go for the easy option of having Katniss deeply in love and everything all rosy at the end.

Ultimately this is a nice easy read, though there is very little of the complexity of the fantasy books I'm used to, but it really works and as a less challenging read this is brilliant, well worth a go!

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