Sunday, 5 February 2012

Book: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I realise that only yesterday I was posting about The Hunger Games and whether or not to read Catching Fire however I read it yesterday, all of it. And it is so much better than The Hunger Games, mainly because the characters are all far more developped.

Still frustrating how Katniss seems to refuse to admit that she really loves Peeta, I mean we now know that Gale kissed her and that the only two kisses that have made her want more (want more quite literally now) were with Peeta, and then there's her reaction at the end of the novel that just drives home that she is in fact totally in love with Peeta (don't forget the baby ;) )

The other characters, particularly the other tributes, Finnack and Johanna, also have more depth to them than say Rue and Thresh in the previous novel and its easier to see how they can be liked/disliked.

In Catching Fire the emotions and interactions between the characters just seem more real and the story gets more complex, more like what I am used to when reading fantasy or dystopian novels. Now to get on with Mockingjay!

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