Monday, 15 August 2011

Book: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin - Characters

I am quite bored and so have decided to make a list of my top ten favourite characters (in order) from Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. WARNING this will contain spoilers from all 4 of the previous books AS WELL AS what I have read so far of A Dance with Dragons (about 200 pages or so) 

  1. Daenarys Targaryen (The Queen Across the Narrow Sea) - What's not to love about Dany really! She always seems to make the best out of every situation, she was effectively sold to Khal Drogo and yet she still wanted to learn to pleasure him and it eventually became clear that she loved him dearly. I mean come on she still thinks about her Moon and Stars 4 books on, it can't be nothing! Though she did at first sound like she was turning into her brother in the ruthless stakes she does show a lot of compassion, particularly in a Storm of Swords and a Dance with Dragons. In the former it is the abolition of the Slave Trade in Slavers Bay and the latter with the child that Drogon killed and how she keeps dwelling on the fact that it was her dragon that did it (the missing dragon when looked at from my perspective!) Also you can't dislike a character who controls 3 dragons....its just not healthy! 
  2. Jon Snow (Lord Commander of the Night's Watch) - I was under the impression that Jon Snow was a little bit of a prat before I read the series, or started to read I suppose, but I've found that its not true, I like Jon as a character, and I love Ghost! I love all the Direwolves to be honest, I want one! Jon seems to have inheritated his supposed father (Eddard Stark)'s sense of honor and duty and my respect and love for the character definately grew when he refused Stannis' offer of legitimisation and for him to become the Lord of Winterfell, little did Jon know that he was considered as Robb's heir after the 'deaths' of Bran and Rickon. Jon makes mistakes (Ygritte and all the betryals) and that's what makes him a real character to me, he makes mistakes, he learns, he moves on! 
  3. Brandon Stark (Heir to Winterfell/King in the North)  - Like Dany, what isn't to like about Bran, he's learnt to deal with his status as a cripple throughout the books, and it is really difficult to remember how young he really is. He's the first Stark child (we'll include Jon to all intents and purposes) to show Warg tendancies (though theories suggest that Rickon is the strongest of the 6 as Shaggydog is extrememly wild, though all of the Direwolves reflect their 'masters' personalites) to the reader. He has grown, and I believe will continue to do so! 
  4. Jaime Lannister (Lord Commander of the Kingsguard) - Strange one I know, especially since his twin sister and son are at the top of my hate list! I have grown to like Jaime, he's grown on me since we got more of an explanation as to why he did the things that we did, and how that he has had to really struggle to keep the promises he made, especially to the 'dead' Catelyn Stark/Tully or Lady Stoneheart if you prefer. He also seems to really have grown to care for Brienne which is something good in my opinion, and his hatred of Cersei has grown quite dramatically, I think it may be possible that he is the 'little brother' who will kill her, remember that Cersei was born first with Jaime clinging onto her ankle, its said a few times throughout the book which makes me think that it may be important!
  5. Arya Stark (Princess of the North) - fiesty young and full of energy, though I suppose her fault is her thirst for revenge. For this reason I am hoping that she doesn't stay with the Faceless men but returns to the North. After all its hard to forget your identity as a Stark when you have wolf dreams
  6. Sansa Stark/Lannister (Princess of the North/Presumed heir to Winterfell) - I will admit that I didn't like Sansa to begin with but now I do, she's gained some of the strength and maturtity that the other Stark children already have, and I am routing for her to fall in love with this guy...a happy ending for Sansa please!
  7. Meera Reed (daughter to the Lord of Greywater Watch) 
  8. Arianne Martell (Heir and Princess of Dorne) 
  9. Gilly (Craster's daughter/wife/mother of his child, a Wilding)
  10. Margarey Tyrell (Queen to Renly Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon and Tommen Baratheon) 

And then we have the top 10 characters that I love to loath (no guesses for the top two!) 

  1. Cersei Lannister (Queen to King Robert, Queen Regent for King Joffrey and King Tommen) 
  2. Joffrey Lannister (Heir to the Iron Throne then King) 
  3. Janos Slynt (Lord of Harrenhal, Lord Commander of the City Watch, Man of the Night's Watch) 
  4. Aeron Greyjoy (Damphir to the Drowned God) 
  5. Theon Greyjoy (ward to Eddard Stark then Heir to the Seastone Chair) 
  6. Walder Frey and his brood (Lord of the Crossing/Twins and his heirs/family) 
  7. Varys (Eunch, Master of Whispers) 
  8. Viserys Targaryen (The Begger King) 
  9. Stannis Baratheon (The King on Dragonstone/the Wall) 
  10. Gregor Cleagne (The Mountain that Rides) 

Note on how a Dance with Dragons is doing (scroll down for posts WITHOUT spoilers for aDwD in this one!) 

I am loving it! To me this is Martin back on form, after the monstrosity that was a Feast for Crows, aDwD isn't nearly so hard to read and I don't find that I am looking to see how far I have left all the time! So far there have been no REALLY shocking events, just the inevitable really, as in Tyrion is getting very drunk (well was), Stannis is complaining to Jon about not giving him enough resources, land, and refusing him as Lord of Winterfell, the war still rages, the Lyseni pirate leaving Stannis...