Thursday, 4 August 2011

Book: A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

It feels so good to finally be writing this! That was nearly 900 pages of quite a lot of boredom. I hate to say this after the amazingness that was Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords Part 1 and 2 I was extremely disappointed in a Feast for Crows. 

It just seemed to take some serious getting through, it never seemed to pick up as the others had done within pages and capture my imagination. It didn't help that Daenarys was missing and that made me sad as she's the best character for me. 

I was so glad that Cersei appeared to get what was coming too her and that Jamie has FINALLY had the sense to see her for what she really is! Though I think that he is falling for Brienne just a bit, he now insists on calling her Brienne at least! He cares a great deal. The thing I like about Jamie is that he really does seem to regret killing Aerys and is trying to keep all of his oaths and promises, and I was incrediably happy to see him do this in regards to the whole never taking up arms against any Starks or Tullys. Though a lack of Starks in plain view would probably explain the first one there. 

The Freys seem to have made everyone suspicious and certainly hateing them at least since the Red Wedding, which is only a good thing and to be expected really, I mean come on, some of them were murdering a close in-law. 

Speaking of in-laws we get onto Jeyne Westeling, the girl that no one except Robb seemed to think was worth losing a kingdom over. But the girl quite clearly loved Robb and his cause, though turns out her family was in league with the Lannisters all along, though not enough to be warned about the Red Wedding it would seem. Problem is its getting harder and harder to hate the Lannisters now Tywin and Joffrey are dead and Jamie has become far more likeable, Tyrion always was likeable for some reason, and not at all Lannister ish. Kevan seems to be pretty down to earth and a just ruler and Lancel, well I just pity him really. The only Lannister left to hate is Cersei, and you have to love to hate Cersei. There is just NO redeeming character traits about her, its all about the power with her but she doesn't wield it in the right way! 

Moving onto the Starks...

Bran and Rickon have both been absent from this book, expected on Rickon's part as he isn't a POV character and as far as we're aware isn't near one. Bran's character cut was to do with the whole 'geography' split that Martin did, and was missed! 

Sansa seems to be morphing into Alayne Stone more and more, though she is still described as beautiful it seems to me that her character has changed, and even though Arya is younger, I'd say that Sansa has shown more of her sister's traits as its progressed, and in fact the only Stark that really annoyed me has actually now grown on me greatly. I don't like the way that Littlefinger is using her, I don't trust his character enough to have honest motives, but at the moment his wedding plan seems like a good one, finally uniting the Vale and the North, hopefully being able to add the Riverlands as well...if only this had been done 3 books ago, may have won the war! It was also nice to see that Sansa did miss Jon, even if he is a bastard, and she seems to be proud that he's now Lord Commander of the Night's watch. Where her marriage is concerned I'm hoping that she will fall in love with her betrothed as well as making him fall in love with her, its what Sansa deserves, a galliant knight to love her and protect her...the only minor problem would be her husband Tyrion, missing but not quite dead...

Jon himself is barely seen, something else that makes me sad, though it's clear through Samwell's chapters that he has changed somewhat after becoming Lord Commander especially considering the decisions to do with Gilly and Dalla and Mance's son and Master Aemon and his sea voyage. Its getting more difficult to forget that his character is younger than me! 

Arya has once again changed who she is, though this time it does seem to go deeper than a name, though it's interesting that her dreams of Nymeria have only just started, a link to the past and to the Dire Wolf of Stark. Seems that the only other character who's figured out that Nymeria is the wolf stalking the Riverlands is Jamie, who in an off hand way thought of the wolf that attacked Joffrey. 

And lastly we get to Catelyn Stark or should we say Lady Stoneheart...she's become a little too fond of tying a noose round people's necks, though I will admit the Freys had it coming Brienne didn't and part of me is definately hoping that Catelyn finds her heart again and cuts Brienne down before she dies. I wasn't Catelyn's biggest fan before but now she's gone even further down my list!

The Ironborn narrators in this novel just annoyed was all of the same thing really, death, loot, rape, drowning, death, loot, rape, drowning...even with Asha and she's the only female ironborn that we see, and we still have no idea what happened to Theon, though unlike Asha who I do sort of like Theon is on a par with Cersei Lannister in the dislike stakes I think! 

Then we get to Arianne, Princess of Dorne. I like her, at the moment, and I really am hoping that her character is going to grow while she isn't locked up in her tower...fingers crossed we'll see good things from the heiress of Dorne! 

Well now to start with a Dance with Dragons, hopefully it should be more interesting than this one!