Monday, 15 August 2011

Book: A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin

Well I'm feeling kind of lost after finishing that book because there is now nowhere to go! (Back to Game of Thrones maybe!) So anyway, even though I haven't had to wait like many of the long term fans I can safely say that that book was worth it! 

We were told a bit more about Dragon law, and with all of the debates about who the heads of the dragon are it does seem to make sense that one person can only ride one dragon, to me it seems to work the same way as Lady, Nymeria, Grey Wind, Shaggy Dog, Summer and Ghost do to the Stark brood (Jon Snow included here) as in each Direwolf seems to be linked to just one of the children and is fiercely loyal. To me it was also blindingly obvious that this being the case Drogon would be Daenerys' dragon, she's always seemed to dote on him and she did name him after her dead husband. I am saying him but surely one of the dragons must be female or once more we're looking at no more dragons. 

A suprising twist in the plot for Dany was her marriage, when I was reading about the proposal I was thinking in my head 'she'll get out of it' but she didn't, though I'm not a big fan of her husband. 

Anyway I think the best thing to say now would be about the theories of where Martin will go now! 

So Jon's Parentage - I would not be suprised if Martin turned round and told everyone that Ned really is Jon's father and so and so was his mother, perhaps Ashara Dayne actually had twins, a boy (Jon) and a girl, as we know that the little girl died. If Jon's parents are Lyanna and a Targaryen then Ned DEFINATELY fathered a bastard somewhere as he acts way too guilty about it to be lying. 

Brienne and Jamie - no idea where they have gone, not sure I really care, though if Martin doesn't have them at least kiss by the end of the series I will be very upset, I mean Brienne thinks of Jamie ALL the time, and Jamie must think about her more than he does about Cersei 

Cersei and her (remaining) brood - I think that Ser Robert Strong (or Gregor Cleagne) won't be the savior that Cersei believes, it will somehow back fire and end up being her downfall. I also think that (unfortunately cause I do like them) Myrcella and Tommen will also end up dead, before Cersei and I think that it will happen in a way that is caused by her, so basically she will self fulfil her prophesy. 

Dany and her dragons - I want Dany to find someone who loves her and she loves and be a good rular, though whether this'll happen a=I'm not sure, I'm in a mind that she will end up dying before the end, same as Jon. 

The Three Heads of the Dragon, For and Against 

Daenerys Targaryen - I think most people are certain that Dany is one of the heads of the Dragon, being the Mother of Dragons and all that I think it'd be really silly if she wasn't. Its also clear now that she will be Drogon's rider, we did after all find out that a rider can only ride one dragon whereas a dragon can have more than one rider, though I suspect that that is over time rather than at the same time. It's been really obvious to me that Drogon was going to be 'Dany's' Dragon, she named him after her (first) husband after all, and has always seemed to favour him. 

Tyrion Lannister - Now I know that many people think that especially as it turns out that Tyrion knows alot about dragons that he is therefore one of the heads of the dragon. I don't share this idea I think that Tyrion is the son of Tywin and Joanna Lannister and thats all he is, other than a red herring. I think he will be instrumental to the unification of the three heads but not one himself, after all he is there for a reason. If Aerys had fathered a child with Joanna Lannister then I think it is way more likely that Cersei and Jamie are his. After all the simularities in madness between Aerys and Cersei are very close, unless that's what the Iron Throne does to you. So to me it would be more likely to be Jamie or Cersei if a Lannister was one of the heads, but I still doubt it. 

Jon Snow - I think this one is quite likely, the mystery surrounding his parentage does suggest so but it may not be the case. All the talk of the ice dragon suggets that so long as Jon isn't dead (which I doubt, there must be a reason why Thoros was shown to bring Dondarrion back from the dead several times maybe this is so that Melisandre can bring Jon back no question) that he will be a dragon rider. I suspect that if he is it'll be Viserion that he will end up riding. After all that is the dragon that seems most closely linked to ice, either that or there really is a dragon hidden under Winterfell (maybe without a Stark there it'll wake up) though that would mean 4 dragons and 4 heads which just confuses things! 

Aegon Targaryen - I don't believe he's the real Aegon, I don't know who he is, I have no theories but I don't think he's Aegon. Therefore to me he is not going to be a future dragon rider. I think that he will die before Dany and the dragons even get to Westeros and if he doesn't I think he'll die trying to take charge of Dany, being that bit further up the line of succesion than her he's going to challenge it. Either way, he'll die and he won't be a real Targaryen. 

Arianne Martell - I've never seen any one suggest her as a head of the dragon but I do believe Quentyn was there for a reason and I don't think Rheagal attacked quick enough for there not to be a reason. We know that both Quentyn and Arianne (being brother and sister) have the 'blood of the dragon' through the Princess Daenerys that married into the Martell family. So I think that maybe a Martell is one of the heads, to me that then makes sense if they are female (which would discount Trysten the other brother) and point towards Arianne. The point about her being that she must be a POV character for a reason and she hasn't *really* seen any major events, it would have been just as easy to reveal the marriage pact through Quentyn's POV than Arianne's after all. Though it isn't popular I think it's likely, especially with how Rheagal reacted to someone with Martell blood. 

Bran Stark - again this is a popular theory but I just don't buy it. I suspect that dragons will be like humans and be able to resist warging. I just don't think Bran is conected enough to the rest of the plot to be a head of the dragon, he'll be instrumental as Tyrion will be, but I don't buy it.

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