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Book: The Ambassador's Mission by Trudi Canavan

I had seriously forgotten how easy it was to read Canavan's books, this one has taken me less than 24 hours to read, though when I picked it up and didn't pay attention properly then I though Dannyl was Dany from A Song of Ice and Fire, shows that I have read them too much recently. But anyway. 

This book picks up 20 years after the Black Magician Trilogy ( and picks up with some of the main characters: Sonea, Rothen, Cery, Gol and Regin. Though it also introduces the next generation through Lorkin (Sonea and Akkarin's son) and Anyi (Cery's daughter). 

The relationship between Sonea and Regin doesn't appear to have progressed since the closure of The High Lord. However through the course of the book I find myself wanting something to happen between them even though Regin has a wife and there is nothing but bad blood between them, but still is that so bad? Regin seems to be nice now, and seems to be helping Sonea for no reason than he wants to. Well and he wants all factions of the Magician's Guild to be treated the same, though that is far from the Regin that we used to see punishing Sonea for being a dwell. 

Then there is Cery's storyline, Cery is one of the last remaining theives from the previous trilogy it would appear, the rest having been killed off. I will admit that I did have my supsisions about Skellin from the start, I didn't like him and honestly fealt that he might be behind the Theif Hunter. Turns out I was sort of right. I was also right about the fact that someone else was performing the magic when the caught the fake-rouge, I did think she was caught too easily after all. Turns out that was right too. 

I took an instant liking to Anyi, she seems smart and resourceful and didn't want to sit around doing nothing, from what Cery's told us about her mother it seems safe to say that she's taking after Cery more. It was mentioned that Cery was 'grooming' his replacement thief, and I think that that may be Anyi, there was a female thief before so I believe it's possible, plus she's already named after an animal (I looked in the glossary) which seems to be a major criteria for a thief!

I wasn't so sure about Lorkin to start with though, he seemed very pre occupied with women at the start. Though he also seems to vastly respect Tyvara, so much so that I'm there just wanting them to do something! Even when he found out that she wasn't his slave he still didn't try anything. Though maybe now that he is in the Sanctuary things may change. 

Something that I did notice when I was reading this book is that the one sex scene in it is described in quite alot more detail than they have been previously. As in previously it has been hinted at but never described whereas when Lorkin is being 'assasinated' by Riva it is quite vividly described, only for Tyvara to break it up! Though if Lover's Death is used then I suppose it has to be described! There is also a lot of Arousal from Lorkin's point of view, mostly over Tyvara. 

Dannyl and Tyend's relationship seems to be breaking down to me, Tyend seems to be becoming quite fickle and I don't like it and think that Dannyl deserves better, it could be interesting to see how his relationship with the Sachakan Ashaki goes...

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Book: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin - Characters

I am quite bored and so have decided to make a list of my top ten favourite characters (in order) from Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. WARNING this will contain spoilers from all 4 of the previous books AS WELL AS what I have read so far of A Dance with Dragons (about 200 pages or so) 

  1. Daenarys Targaryen (The Queen Across the Narrow Sea) - What's not to love about Dany really! She always seems to make the best out of every situation, she was effectively sold to Khal Drogo and yet she still wanted to learn to pleasure him and it eventually became clear that she loved him dearly. I mean come on she still thinks about her Moon and Stars 4 books on, it can't be nothing! Though she did at first sound like she was turning into her brother in the ruthless stakes she does show a lot of compassion, particularly in a Storm of Swords and a Dance with Dragons. In the former it is the abolition of the Slave Trade in Slavers Bay and the latter with the child that Drogon killed and how she keeps dwelling on the fact that it was her dragon that did it (the missing dragon when looked at from my perspective!) Also you can't dislike a character who controls 3 dragons....its just not healthy! 
  2. Jon Snow (Lord Commander of the Night's Watch) - I was under the impression that Jon Snow was a little bit of a prat before I read the series, or started to read I suppose, but I've found that its not true, I like Jon as a character, and I love Ghost! I love all the Direwolves to be honest, I want one! Jon seems to have inheritated his supposed father (Eddard Stark)'s sense of honor and duty and my respect and love for the character definately grew when he refused Stannis' offer of legitimisation and for him to become the Lord of Winterfell, little did Jon know that he was considered as Robb's heir after the 'deaths' of Bran and Rickon. Jon makes mistakes (Ygritte and all the betryals) and that's what makes him a real character to me, he makes mistakes, he learns, he moves on! 
  3. Brandon Stark (Heir to Winterfell/King in the North)  - Like Dany, what isn't to like about Bran, he's learnt to deal with his status as a cripple throughout the books, and it is really difficult to remember how young he really is. He's the first Stark child (we'll include Jon to all intents and purposes) to show Warg tendancies (though theories suggest that Rickon is the strongest of the 6 as Shaggydog is extrememly wild, though all of the Direwolves reflect their 'masters' personalites) to the reader. He has grown, and I believe will continue to do so! 
  4. Jaime Lannister (Lord Commander of the Kingsguard) - Strange one I know, especially since his twin sister and son are at the top of my hate list! I have grown to like Jaime, he's grown on me since we got more of an explanation as to why he did the things that we did, and how that he has had to really struggle to keep the promises he made, especially to the 'dead' Catelyn Stark/Tully or Lady Stoneheart if you prefer. He also seems to really have grown to care for Brienne which is something good in my opinion, and his hatred of Cersei has grown quite dramatically, I think it may be possible that he is the 'little brother' who will kill her, remember that Cersei was born first with Jaime clinging onto her ankle, its said a few times throughout the book which makes me think that it may be important!
  5. Arya Stark (Princess of the North) - fiesty young and full of energy, though I suppose her fault is her thirst for revenge. For this reason I am hoping that she doesn't stay with the Faceless men but returns to the North. After all its hard to forget your identity as a Stark when you have wolf dreams
  6. Sansa Stark/Lannister (Princess of the North/Presumed heir to Winterfell) - I will admit that I didn't like Sansa to begin with but now I do, she's gained some of the strength and maturtity that the other Stark children already have, and I am routing for her to fall in love with this guy...a happy ending for Sansa please!
  7. Meera Reed (daughter to the Lord of Greywater Watch) 
  8. Arianne Martell (Heir and Princess of Dorne) 
  9. Gilly (Craster's daughter/wife/mother of his child, a Wilding)
  10. Margarey Tyrell (Queen to Renly Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon and Tommen Baratheon) 

And then we have the top 10 characters that I love to loath (no guesses for the top two!) 

  1. Cersei Lannister (Queen to King Robert, Queen Regent for King Joffrey and King Tommen) 
  2. Joffrey Lannister (Heir to the Iron Throne then King) 
  3. Janos Slynt (Lord of Harrenhal, Lord Commander of the City Watch, Man of the Night's Watch) 
  4. Aeron Greyjoy (Damphir to the Drowned God) 
  5. Theon Greyjoy (ward to Eddard Stark then Heir to the Seastone Chair) 
  6. Walder Frey and his brood (Lord of the Crossing/Twins and his heirs/family) 
  7. Varys (Eunch, Master of Whispers) 
  8. Viserys Targaryen (The Begger King) 
  9. Stannis Baratheon (The King on Dragonstone/the Wall) 
  10. Gregor Cleagne (The Mountain that Rides) 

Note on how a Dance with Dragons is doing (scroll down for posts WITHOUT spoilers for aDwD in this one!) 

I am loving it! To me this is Martin back on form, after the monstrosity that was a Feast for Crows, aDwD isn't nearly so hard to read and I don't find that I am looking to see how far I have left all the time! So far there have been no REALLY shocking events, just the inevitable really, as in Tyrion is getting very drunk (well was), Stannis is complaining to Jon about not giving him enough resources, land, and refusing him as Lord of Winterfell, the war still rages, the Lyseni pirate leaving Stannis...

Book: A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin

Well I'm feeling kind of lost after finishing that book because there is now nowhere to go! (Back to Game of Thrones maybe!) So anyway, even though I haven't had to wait like many of the long term fans I can safely say that that book was worth it! 

We were told a bit more about Dragon law, and with all of the debates about who the heads of the dragon are it does seem to make sense that one person can only ride one dragon, to me it seems to work the same way as Lady, Nymeria, Grey Wind, Shaggy Dog, Summer and Ghost do to the Stark brood (Jon Snow included here) as in each Direwolf seems to be linked to just one of the children and is fiercely loyal. To me it was also blindingly obvious that this being the case Drogon would be Daenerys' dragon, she's always seemed to dote on him and she did name him after her dead husband. I am saying him but surely one of the dragons must be female or once more we're looking at no more dragons. 

A suprising twist in the plot for Dany was her marriage, when I was reading about the proposal I was thinking in my head 'she'll get out of it' but she didn't, though I'm not a big fan of her husband. 

Anyway I think the best thing to say now would be about the theories of where Martin will go now! 

So Jon's Parentage - I would not be suprised if Martin turned round and told everyone that Ned really is Jon's father and so and so was his mother, perhaps Ashara Dayne actually had twins, a boy (Jon) and a girl, as we know that the little girl died. If Jon's parents are Lyanna and a Targaryen then Ned DEFINATELY fathered a bastard somewhere as he acts way too guilty about it to be lying. 

Brienne and Jamie - no idea where they have gone, not sure I really care, though if Martin doesn't have them at least kiss by the end of the series I will be very upset, I mean Brienne thinks of Jamie ALL the time, and Jamie must think about her more than he does about Cersei 

Cersei and her (remaining) brood - I think that Ser Robert Strong (or Gregor Cleagne) won't be the savior that Cersei believes, it will somehow back fire and end up being her downfall. I also think that (unfortunately cause I do like them) Myrcella and Tommen will also end up dead, before Cersei and I think that it will happen in a way that is caused by her, so basically she will self fulfil her prophesy. 

Dany and her dragons - I want Dany to find someone who loves her and she loves and be a good rular, though whether this'll happen a=I'm not sure, I'm in a mind that she will end up dying before the end, same as Jon. 

The Three Heads of the Dragon, For and Against 

Daenerys Targaryen - I think most people are certain that Dany is one of the heads of the Dragon, being the Mother of Dragons and all that I think it'd be really silly if she wasn't. Its also clear now that she will be Drogon's rider, we did after all find out that a rider can only ride one dragon whereas a dragon can have more than one rider, though I suspect that that is over time rather than at the same time. It's been really obvious to me that Drogon was going to be 'Dany's' Dragon, she named him after her (first) husband after all, and has always seemed to favour him. 

Tyrion Lannister - Now I know that many people think that especially as it turns out that Tyrion knows alot about dragons that he is therefore one of the heads of the dragon. I don't share this idea I think that Tyrion is the son of Tywin and Joanna Lannister and thats all he is, other than a red herring. I think he will be instrumental to the unification of the three heads but not one himself, after all he is there for a reason. If Aerys had fathered a child with Joanna Lannister then I think it is way more likely that Cersei and Jamie are his. After all the simularities in madness between Aerys and Cersei are very close, unless that's what the Iron Throne does to you. So to me it would be more likely to be Jamie or Cersei if a Lannister was one of the heads, but I still doubt it. 

Jon Snow - I think this one is quite likely, the mystery surrounding his parentage does suggest so but it may not be the case. All the talk of the ice dragon suggets that so long as Jon isn't dead (which I doubt, there must be a reason why Thoros was shown to bring Dondarrion back from the dead several times maybe this is so that Melisandre can bring Jon back no question) that he will be a dragon rider. I suspect that if he is it'll be Viserion that he will end up riding. After all that is the dragon that seems most closely linked to ice, either that or there really is a dragon hidden under Winterfell (maybe without a Stark there it'll wake up) though that would mean 4 dragons and 4 heads which just confuses things! 

Aegon Targaryen - I don't believe he's the real Aegon, I don't know who he is, I have no theories but I don't think he's Aegon. Therefore to me he is not going to be a future dragon rider. I think that he will die before Dany and the dragons even get to Westeros and if he doesn't I think he'll die trying to take charge of Dany, being that bit further up the line of succesion than her he's going to challenge it. Either way, he'll die and he won't be a real Targaryen. 

Arianne Martell - I've never seen any one suggest her as a head of the dragon but I do believe Quentyn was there for a reason and I don't think Rheagal attacked quick enough for there not to be a reason. We know that both Quentyn and Arianne (being brother and sister) have the 'blood of the dragon' through the Princess Daenerys that married into the Martell family. So I think that maybe a Martell is one of the heads, to me that then makes sense if they are female (which would discount Trysten the other brother) and point towards Arianne. The point about her being that she must be a POV character for a reason and she hasn't *really* seen any major events, it would have been just as easy to reveal the marriage pact through Quentyn's POV than Arianne's after all. Though it isn't popular I think it's likely, especially with how Rheagal reacted to someone with Martell blood. 

Bran Stark - again this is a popular theory but I just don't buy it. I suspect that dragons will be like humans and be able to resist warging. I just don't think Bran is conected enough to the rest of the plot to be a head of the dragon, he'll be instrumental as Tyrion will be, but I don't buy it.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Book: A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

It feels so good to finally be writing this! That was nearly 900 pages of quite a lot of boredom. I hate to say this after the amazingness that was Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords Part 1 and 2 I was extremely disappointed in a Feast for Crows. 

It just seemed to take some serious getting through, it never seemed to pick up as the others had done within pages and capture my imagination. It didn't help that Daenarys was missing and that made me sad as she's the best character for me. 

I was so glad that Cersei appeared to get what was coming too her and that Jamie has FINALLY had the sense to see her for what she really is! Though I think that he is falling for Brienne just a bit, he now insists on calling her Brienne at least! He cares a great deal. The thing I like about Jamie is that he really does seem to regret killing Aerys and is trying to keep all of his oaths and promises, and I was incrediably happy to see him do this in regards to the whole never taking up arms against any Starks or Tullys. Though a lack of Starks in plain view would probably explain the first one there. 

The Freys seem to have made everyone suspicious and certainly hateing them at least since the Red Wedding, which is only a good thing and to be expected really, I mean come on, some of them were murdering a close in-law. 

Speaking of in-laws we get onto Jeyne Westeling, the girl that no one except Robb seemed to think was worth losing a kingdom over. But the girl quite clearly loved Robb and his cause, though turns out her family was in league with the Lannisters all along, though not enough to be warned about the Red Wedding it would seem. Problem is its getting harder and harder to hate the Lannisters now Tywin and Joffrey are dead and Jamie has become far more likeable, Tyrion always was likeable for some reason, and not at all Lannister ish. Kevan seems to be pretty down to earth and a just ruler and Lancel, well I just pity him really. The only Lannister left to hate is Cersei, and you have to love to hate Cersei. There is just NO redeeming character traits about her, its all about the power with her but she doesn't wield it in the right way! 

Moving onto the Starks...

Bran and Rickon have both been absent from this book, expected on Rickon's part as he isn't a POV character and as far as we're aware isn't near one. Bran's character cut was to do with the whole 'geography' split that Martin did, and was missed! 

Sansa seems to be morphing into Alayne Stone more and more, though she is still described as beautiful it seems to me that her character has changed, and even though Arya is younger, I'd say that Sansa has shown more of her sister's traits as its progressed, and in fact the only Stark that really annoyed me has actually now grown on me greatly. I don't like the way that Littlefinger is using her, I don't trust his character enough to have honest motives, but at the moment his wedding plan seems like a good one, finally uniting the Vale and the North, hopefully being able to add the Riverlands as well...if only this had been done 3 books ago, may have won the war! It was also nice to see that Sansa did miss Jon, even if he is a bastard, and she seems to be proud that he's now Lord Commander of the Night's watch. Where her marriage is concerned I'm hoping that she will fall in love with her betrothed as well as making him fall in love with her, its what Sansa deserves, a galliant knight to love her and protect her...the only minor problem would be her husband Tyrion, missing but not quite dead...

Jon himself is barely seen, something else that makes me sad, though it's clear through Samwell's chapters that he has changed somewhat after becoming Lord Commander especially considering the decisions to do with Gilly and Dalla and Mance's son and Master Aemon and his sea voyage. Its getting more difficult to forget that his character is younger than me! 

Arya has once again changed who she is, though this time it does seem to go deeper than a name, though it's interesting that her dreams of Nymeria have only just started, a link to the past and to the Dire Wolf of Stark. Seems that the only other character who's figured out that Nymeria is the wolf stalking the Riverlands is Jamie, who in an off hand way thought of the wolf that attacked Joffrey. 

And lastly we get to Catelyn Stark or should we say Lady Stoneheart...she's become a little too fond of tying a noose round people's necks, though I will admit the Freys had it coming Brienne didn't and part of me is definately hoping that Catelyn finds her heart again and cuts Brienne down before she dies. I wasn't Catelyn's biggest fan before but now she's gone even further down my list!

The Ironborn narrators in this novel just annoyed was all of the same thing really, death, loot, rape, drowning, death, loot, rape, drowning...even with Asha and she's the only female ironborn that we see, and we still have no idea what happened to Theon, though unlike Asha who I do sort of like Theon is on a par with Cersei Lannister in the dislike stakes I think! 

Then we get to Arianne, Princess of Dorne. I like her, at the moment, and I really am hoping that her character is going to grow while she isn't locked up in her tower...fingers crossed we'll see good things from the heiress of Dorne! 

Well now to start with a Dance with Dragons, hopefully it should be more interesting than this one!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Book: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

I am writing about BOTH Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow and Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold.

Sorry but the books have sort of merged into one for me, which of course they are for any American readers but us Brits have to pay twice as much cause the book is so damn big! 

Anyhow...if you have read all of A Storm of Swords then you will agree that it is a pretty shocking book, with a lot of death! Some of it much more upsetting than others. I mean, come on, show me someone that was upset when Joffrey kicked the bucket...I certainly wasn't, I was glad, though I did find Sansa annoying at first she has grown on me as a character and I was glad to see her rid of Joffrey. 

Of course most shocking of all is the Red Wedding, now I did know that it was coming when I read it and to be honest I thought that it was going to be far more gruesome than it was, though it was bad enough! That was a really heart wrenching moment, cause even though Robb himself wasn't a POV character you do grow to like him, seems to me that Martin wants people to like the Starks, its not really possible not to, except really Rickon who I feel pretty much indifferent too, possibly because he hasn't really done much yet. I suppose the reason that the Red Wedding wasn't as gruesome as it could have been is because it was from Catelyn's POV, meaning that we could only see what she could see, and with only one set of eyes that certainly isn't everything. All in all I have found myself diliking the Freys even more and the Boltons...well lets just say I loathed him anyway. 

What I did find a good twist was the epilogue (I know I haven't mentioned a lot of things yet but as it is related to the Red Wedding so I thought it was relevant) and the way Catelyn comes back from the dead. I think this is one of the ways that Martin really has come into the realm of fantasy, there are a few points where it does simply feel like a medieval story with plots and incest and whatever, despite Daenarys' dragons. This was necessary, though does have me wondering whether Catelyn is now related to the Others/Wites. I suppose I shall find out soon ish, though half way through a Feast for Crows there's been nothing on Catelyn yet.

I found myself while reading these two bbooks longing to read about Daenarys more and more, she is fast becoming my favourite character (and for this I am glad that the Starks are out of the war of many kings because I want Dany to win but I don't want them to fight her!). These 2 books saw a different side to Dany as well, we already knew that she could be ruthless and fiercely protective of what she has, and has earnt, but these books really saw her grow into a Queen, she sacked cities but she also freed the slaves, showing a much softer side and a concious, two more things that have me routing for her to win the war...even though she isn't yet part of the it! 

We then have all that is happening for Jon Snow. I'd heard before I'd read the books, long before, that Jon was a bit of a nasty character, personally I haven't seen this yet. Yes Jon makes a very large number of mistakes yet the people reading the novels seem to forget that he is 14/15 I can't remember if he's had a Name Day since the books began, and most teenagers make Ygritte. The bit that could be seen as bad in Jon was that he seemed more upset by the fact that he'd broken his vows (part of which is Chasitity) with her than the fact that he knew he was going to betray her, though to give him credit he was upset when she died at least. 

I can't believe I am going to say this but I  think I'm starting to like Jamie Lannister as a character.  Though this could be partly to do with a Feast of Crows as well. There is part of me that thinks something romantic will happen between him and Brienne as well, though this could just be wishful thinking, and it is quite possible that one or both of them will die in the near future, and it can't be marriage in the end because of Jamie's vows. But his hand was cut off, how shocking, you can't have a Kingslayer without a hand! Though part of what I like about Jamie (and this definately does continue into a Feast for Crows) is that he doesn't let the loss of his hand be the end of it all, he carries on trying to do the right thing, and even finds courage  to stand up to both Tywin and Cersei. It also becomes clear that he loves his little brother Tyrion which isn't something other, previously mentioned family members plus Joffrey, seemed to do, confirmed really when Cersei got her POV chapters (hasn't made me think any different of her). 

Tyrion himself was shown in a different light too, he wasn't really taken seriously as the King's Hand except when he had the power of violence behind him (how very Lannister) and this showed later on. The hatred of Cersei towards him was also high lighted in her attempt to get him killed during the battle of Blackwater. Though his chivelry, which seemed none exsistant til now, was shown through how he treated Sansa after their wedding.

This is where I realise I haven't mentioned Arya yet or the Hound or several other characters! Oh dear! Well to be fair Arya's adventures were basically running round the Riverlands with the Hound at one point, and Gendry and Hot Pie and aquiring more and more pseudynems, I swear that girl has more names than years on her! Though she gains more in Feast for Crows. She regains Needle (thankfully) and succeeds in removing some names from her pray of people she wishes dead, the only one who is still alive when he leaves it being the Hound, who has proved himself to the reader through both Sansa and Arya's eyes to not be as bad as he seems! 

One thing about this book is that Weddings seem to be dangerous places to be at, with Robb Stark, King of the North, his Mother Catelyn and many of his bannermen (and one banner woman in Dacey Mormont) slain by the Freys at the Red Wedding, and Joffrey, the King on the Iron Throne, poisoned (allegedly by the Tyrells) at his own and his uncle Tyrion Lannister imprisoned for the act with Sansa Stark (or Lannister if you want her to take her husbands name) wanted for the same thing! I would NOT want to be at a wedding in the Seven Kingdoms if I lived there! 

A Note on the TV Series A Game of Thrones

I haven't even seen half of it unfortunately as the youtube channel I found it on has been blocked :( however what I did see of the series was fantastic and I sat there thinking about just how close it runs to A Game of Thrones, even the characters' appearances are good, though a few characters are a little older than they should be, but with a second series comissioned and some of the things that the characters have to do I can understand why. One thing about what I've seen vexed me. Jamie Lannister wasn't blond enough. Yes thats all! One of my friends has seen the whole thing and she said that there were only 2 scenes that really divulged from the book. I can't remember the first one, though she said that it was good and added to it. But the second one was to do with a potentially gay moment between Renly Barathanon (future King in Highgarden) and Loras Tyrell (The Knight of Flowers and Commander of the Rainbow Guard later on, and after that a member of the Kingsguard) which though is possible in the books is not part of Martin's writings and I can understand why people would think it was unnecessary. 

A Note on A Feast for Crows 

Which seems like a silly title as its always Ravens that are mentioned really. 

Anyway I am half way through and Arya has already knocked up twice as many new names as she had previously. This book is no where near as caprivating as the previous 3 (or 4 depending how you look at it) hence the fact that I have the time to post reviews about the previous ones, because I'm not reading constantly! I am getting there though, its just taking some doing. There are several characters missing from this book, Daenarys being the one I am saddest about cause I love her character, and I'm finding that Cersei's chapters are literally just 'I am ruling' and paranoia about Tommen and his seat on the Iron Throne. Oh and her hatred of Margery Tyrell (and Loras though that isn't so pronounced.) 

So far many Kings have died: Robb Stark King in the North, Renly Barathanon the King in Highgarden, Joffrey Barathanon the King on the Iron Throne and Balon Greyjoy King of the Iron Isles leaving only Daearys Targaryen the Queen across the Narrow Sea and Stannis Barathanon the King on Dragonstone (well on the Wall at the moment) left of the original Kings/Queens and no one knows much about Daenarys in Westeros. Though Tommen (Joffrey's brother and Cersei and Jamie's incestous son number 2 is now on the Iron Throne) and I think Euron Greyjoy has just been elected as King of the Iron we'll see how this goes!

Til Next Time, 
L x

Book: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

Book 2 of Song of Ice and Fire following reading Game of Thrones. It is easy to say that this book didn't disappoint either, the characters that I loved before I still love and even Sansa Stark is growing on me (I find her some what annoying) 

Mainly I love Daenarys. She is my absolute favourite character in the books, she's firery, passionate and knows what she wants and is determined to get it, it makes me root for her in the Clash of Kings, though each of the other kings is pretty much oblivious to any threat she may cause. After all with Renly dead and Stannis not explicitly dead but suggested that he is (or at least defeated) that only leaves Robb Stark and Balcoln Greyjoy left. 

As much as I like the Starks I don't think that Robb will even come close to winning this war, 

I am SO SO sorry I've just been so caught up reading: Storm of Swords (Part 1 and 2) and am now half way through A Feast for Crows and have forgotten to post about book 2...FAIL

Now I have to try and write this review without giving away anything....could be difficult as the story has now sort of merged, well as far as A Storm of Swords goes, A Feast for Crows isn't nearly as captivating for me, so we'll see where that leads, I just hope A Dance with Dragons is better (it is sat looking wonderful and new on my bedside table still half a book away, and half of 900 pages is a lot of book!) 

So anyway, the last pointg before the bold now seems a little irrelevant to me, I think I'll simple rephrase and say that I doubt the Starks will win the war! (More about why in my review of a Storm of Swords which will be posted in about 10 minutes...

Til Next Time, 
L x