Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Film: Dorian Gray


The link above is one to the first part of the film Dorian Gray. I will admit that I was quite disappointed in it as a film, as there is a whole wealth of information given by Wilde in the novel that adds layers of meaning and really adds to the story. 

One of my major critisms is the large amount of sex scenes that seem to have been thrown in (most of the entirely fictional even to Wilde) which completely ruins one of the charms of the book, which is that the idea of sex is merely hinted at rather than used in the way it was in the film. There were so many different ways corruption was shown in the novel, as well as the implication of sex and homosexuality (seen as wrong in both Dorian Gray, and Oscar Wilde's societies - wrongly in my opinion). For example Dorian drinks, smokes, murders, gambles, blackmails and is guilty of many sins, the foremost of which would be selfishness really. 

The film even used sex in the relationship between Dorian and Sibyl Vane, which was not the point of that relationship, the point of their relationship is that it is both of their first loves and so is entirely innocent in every way, meaining no sex. 

And the introduction of Emily when so many more necessary characters were cut was absolutely ridicolous. I suppose she was supposed to replace the place of Hetty in the novel, though again that relationship was entirely innocent in a mirror of Sybil. 

All in all, watch the film but DON'T expect the book...far from it.

Til Next Time, 
L x