Sunday, 12 June 2011

Book: The Confession of Katherine Howard by Suzannah Dunn

I have read a book by Suzannah Dunn before (The Queen of Subtleties) but I will admit that I was unimpressed. I understand that the use of shortened names and slang makes the story more accessable, but I didn't like that fact that Dunn used those devices, it made the story seem less real. Though this is just to me and probably not to any other readers! 

On the other hand I quite liked The Confession of Katherine Howard, though a couple of the names were shortened I thought that they were much more plausible and it seemed to fit with the story, and setting of a group of young girls, though I do think that Katherine should have been referred to as Katherine during the time narrated while she was Queen, but that is just me personally. 

I did really like the way that the book ended, it was when Cat and Katherine (I am going to insist on referring to her as Katherine rather than Kate while talking about the bit of the book where she was Queen) parted ways. There was none of Cat showing regret or lament over the fate of her lover which I thought was a good twist. In a way I think that this ends the story in an almost positive way, which is an achievement for someone who's fate every 7 year old learns to be beheaded (pretty grim to teach 7 year olds the fate of Henry VIII's wives really!) 

All in all, I would say read the book just don't expect to be blown away by it, it arised less emtion in me than some other Tudor period fiction has.

Though I did get a cheap thrill from Fountains Abbey was mentioned, I grew up near it and so have visited it many a time. 

Til Next Time, 
L x