Monday, 2 May 2011

Book: Daughter of Darkness - Virginia Andrews

The reason I bought this book is because I was bored and I went into the second hand book shop and picked one that I thought looked interesting. There will be spoilers ahead.

The book is told from the point of view of Lorelei Patio (which made me think of actual patios everytime I read the name) who is a 17 year old girl, well not really as it turns out, a 17 year old vampire. To be honest, though I know she's supposed to be odd and different, I don't think she's as believeable as some teenage girls are in books, and I'm saying this as an 18 year old girl myself, there was definatly something missing, just something not quite right.

Then there's the plot, all seems a bit same-old, same-old, forbidden love though, when Buddy was introduced as a character I could tell that he was going to be the guy she falls in love with, the forbidden love. To me it was screamingly obvious! Though I will admit that the whole Mark sub-plot thing was a good one, though I think Andrews could have embellished more on the Renegedes more, it would have added more depth.

I also really like the fact that the word 'vampire' was only used once throughout the whole book, and that was by Buddy, so a 'normal' human, it definatly added a sense of mystery to the whole thing, though it was clear that that was supposed to be what you thought they were. The mythology was predictable, they drink blood, are stunnigly attractive, have rules set and things like that. What was interesting/different is the fact that the female vampires don't drink blood, so I suppose can't actually be called vampires. Oh and there's the fact that they actually change size, and they're bodies harden, from what I gathered it had to do with sex.

And then this is where it gets a little weird, probably a little too weird for me and I've read some interesting books! Basically there was a little bit too much incest involved. I was speculating about what 'Daddy' really wanted with his daughters from quite early on, I mean the way that Lorelei reported his speech and mannerisms just seemed a little bit wrong to me, especially when he started kissing them on the lips, and then I started to speculate that they were all his daughters, and that there were more daughters involved somewhere. But I was not expecting 'Daddy's' daughters to be having more of his daughters, that was a little step too far I think...

To anyone still wanting to read this book, please be aware that sex and sexuality are big themes in this book,

Til Next Time,
L x