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Cage Match: Vin vs Quick Ben: How I Think It Would Go

So, as you know SUVUDU have been holding Cage Matches (see some of my other posts) and I am very much rooting for Vin! Anyway, someone is holding a competition (I'll link it at the bottom) for the write up, and the prize is one of Brandon Sanderson's books (GOODY!) so I thought I'd give it a go. I don't know Quick Ben very well, but from what fans have said and what I;ve found out, he seems to be intellegent and a good fighter, so I've tried to write it so that it doesn't insult fans, and Vin wins in a way that she has beaten people before (and without Atium!) so enjoy it! If you don't know any Mistborn lore then look down a couple of posts and have a look there! Please tell me what you think!

Vin peered down at the tall, dark skinned figure, his back turned to her. The man reminded her of Sazed, but every instinct told Vin that this man wasn't to be underestimated. This was no peaceful Terris Steward she faced. Her instincts told her that he was dangerous...

Resting the other side of the hill from the man, out of sight, Vin noticed that the mists were setting in, That's early, she thought, but they have been coming earlier and earlier, and if what Sazed said is true they've been killing...but it wasn't the right time to deal with that problem. The problem Vin had to deal with was the man at the bottom of the hill. He'd threatened Elend. He had to die.

Vin swallowed her metals, throwing the vial to the side. She knew that she was deadly. A dangerous assasin in the mists. Vin knew that this man was powerful, but was he as powerful as the Lord Rular, or the Steel Inquisitors? She decided that she wasn't taking any risks and took out her Mother's bronze earing, if he was as powerful an allomancer as the Lord Rular then he would be able to use it against her. Flipping a coin onto the ground Vin burned steel and pushed into the air, throwing another coin to the ground she transfered her push to the second coin. As she moved silently through the air, the tall man still stood facing away from her. It seemed almost too easy...

With a sudden burst of speed, which Vin presumed to mean that her opponant was burning pewter, he turned round to face her. He looked up, and smiled. It was a smile that invited trust, whoever this man he seemed to think that Vin would trust him. Vin smiled inside, her past as a Skaa theif meant that she didn't trust easily, and this man was no different. Vin flaired steel and pushed a coin at the man. With lightening quick speed the man moved avoiding the coin completely. Atium. Vin thought, well two can play at that game. She burned atium, yet only one atium shadow appeared. So if he isn't burning atium then how did he avoid my coin? But suddenly Vin's coin, that she'd been using as an anchor moved, and she was falling...

...With grace that only an allomancer could manage she landed in a crouch and then spun round to face her opponant, only to find that he wasn't there, and neither was his atium shadow. Yet he had had no time to run, Vin would have seen him. Vin extinguished her atium and at the same time a tunnel of fire came rushing towards her, she flared pewter and managed to move out of the way just in time. She wondered whether the mists were obscuring him from view, but she'd never had a problem with that before, especially with the help of tin. Vin flared tin, increasing her already heightened senses more...there did seem to be a figure that the mists were swirling around. It was as if there was an allomancer there, and yet there wasn't. Vin dismissed it as the Mist Spirit and continued to look around her.

Experimentally Vin burned atium again. Then she saw it, an atium shadow. But it wasn't of the mysterious man, instead it was of another tunnel of flames coming towards her, she moved, and a second later the actual flames appeared, consuming the spot where she had been stood. Vin wondered where the tall man was, she still couldn't see him.

Feeling exposed on the ground Vin burned steel, as she pushed on a coin as her anchor she noticed another blue line, but this one was moving. It must be his coin bag, she thought. So he could turn invisible, Vin hadn't heard of a metal that could turn someone invisible. It just convinced her that there were still undiscovered metals. Then she realised that she knew where he was, and he didn't know that she did. She pushed several coins in the direction of the metal she sensed on his body. The tall man noticed at the last moment and deflected them. Mistborn then, Vin thought, then she burned bronze. Vin frowned, the man wasn't giving out any allomantic pulses that she could recognise. But then the pulse Vin could sense from him didn't feel like an allomantic one at all...

Vin was fed up of these games. This needed to be over, and for it to be over Vin wanted to be able to see this man, he must have questions. She burned brass, soothing away the man's suspision, fear and anger, and at the same time she burned zinc and rioted the man's sense of curiosity.

The man reapeared in front of her.

'Who are you?' She asked him, putting on her most demanding face, though she was small, and this man towered over her she could still look imposing.

'I am Ben Adaephon Delat, or Quick Ben if you would prefer.' Vin smiled, it had been almost too easy to get this man, Quick Ben, to talk. He appeared to be unexperienced with emotional allomancy. Though he may not even notice, even Breeze said that Vin had a very subtle touch with brass and zinc, and he was a very powerful Soother.

'You were invisible. What metal did you use?' Vin's curiousity had been captured by this metal, but Quick Ben just looked at her, confused.


'Yes metal,' Vin replied shortly, frustrated by this man's apparent deciet, 'You're an allomancer, your powers come from metals, I want to know of this metal.' Vin burned brass again, trying to make him more compliant.

'I don't know about metals. My power comes from the warrens, granted to me by the souls of my fallen brethern.' Part of Vin wanted to recoil, to move away from this stealer of souls, he reminded her of the steel inquisitors and how they gained their powers...

Letting out the anger bottled inside Vin burned steel and pushed the rest of her coins at this man, this person who stole souls. Well he wouldn't get hers. Quick Ben deflected the coins with ease, though Vin made sure that she pushed one so it was directly behind him.

Suddenly Quick Ben was invisible again. Vin burned iron, and from the blue line where his coin pouch was she could tell he was standing still. Ignoring his coin pouch, and her coins scattered about, she burned durilium and iron pulling the coin behind Quick Ben towards her, and through him.

She heard what sounded like the screams of many dying men, and for once was glad that all her tin had been burned when she'd burned durilium. She downed her last metal vial, she'd need the metals if he wasn't really dead.

She saw him lying facedown. He was dead. She'd ask Sazed about him later, and she'd search for this new metal, this one that had made him invisible. She searched his body looking for any metals that may give her a clue, but she didn't even find an empty vial, never mind a spare.

Winner: VIN

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