Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cage Match: Vin vs Quick Ben

So the final of the SUVUDU Cage Matches has arrived and I'm elated that one of my favourite fantasy characters has made it to the Final!


So head over to SUVUDU to cast your vote, but don't foget to read through the comments you find there, there are alternative write-ups from fans. Also check out my own write up (but be aware that I am heavily biased towards Vin (and also be aware that I've tried to avoid talking about Quick Ben much because I have never read the books - its on my to do list!)

So anyway, this is a really close match already, and it only opened today, everytime I look back at it the other person is winning, and it only ever seems to be by a few votes, so EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!! SO go cast yours!

Come on VIN


Til Next Time,
L x